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Contribution d'origine par : Beninja ,


This is a shot in the dark but the home button, if you can’t see any physical damage, might be the screen causing the issue since it is routed through the screen to the motherboard.[br]


The volume flex cable runs along the interior of the phone behind the battery and may have come partially unplugged (since other functions on the cable are still working) or the flex itself is damaged (sliced, stabbed, etc.). Unlikely but it can happen. [br]


I don’t have any ideas on the front camera assembly issues but I would try a new screen with your old front cam to be sure the errors aren’t being caused by a sub par screen. Even just test with the old screen if it still has touch/display. I’ve lost count of the weird errors an inferior screen can throw up.  [br]


Sorry I can’t really help more than just throwing some troubleshooting ideas your way .. Hope you get a definitive answer soon.