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Contribution d'origine par : Annalise Leclair ,


'''Not Connected to Specific Wi-Fi Network'''

Make sure that your phone/device is connected to the Wi-Fi Network that is specific to your Wi-Fi Baby Camera (called “myBabyCam-xxxx”). The “xxxx” part of the Wi-Fi will be specific to every individual Wi-Fi Baby Camera and is located on the label on the back of the Wi-Fi Baby Camera as well as on the back of the quick installation guide.

=== You have the Wi-Fi turned off on your phone ===

Go to your phone/device’s settings, select Wi-Fi and check to see if your Wi-Fi is on. If not, switch the Wi-Fi on.

=== The Baby Camera is not turned on. ===

First, check that the Wi-Fi Baby Camera is plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is, press the power button located on the front, upper right side of the Wi-Fi Baby Camera.