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Contribution d'origine par : Albus DUMBledore ,


you know what all your answers are wrong. also checked on other forums the 5444 and m729 is only use to access retail mode app in order to set  ldus settings and also to register the store where the ldu is being setup.. i have a friend from samsung and good thing he’s from hhp fieldforce he taught me how to disable or freeze the retail mode inorder for user to use the ldus but take note you can only use it like tab you can download games and store files like ordinary tab or ipad without sim. so here it is

you need the 5444 and m729 to open retail mode app

# on the retail mode  app on the upper part you will see the “3 dots” like settings drop down you’ll see 3 items there. now go back
# here is the trick. on the lower part right at the middle of your screen just tap your screen there 9 times. dont worry at your 6 tap youll see a notif to click 3 more 2 more 1 more ..
# then voala!! go back to the 3 dots on the upper right part open it and youll see now 4 items the last item will be deactivate retail mode, tap deactivate then it will turn to activate meaning its already deactivated

now to fully use the phone you’ll see also under option the lock/unlock auto factory reset.  you need to turn it off so that your  phone will not factory reset every day during 9am gmt lols..

—-owkey hope this one will help you. been using s8+ ldu for a year now. this one applies to s8 to note 9. and to s7 and lower i hope you will find the retail mode global neutralizer i guess the file is being leaked ol where in you download the apk file install it and it will corrupt the retail mode app and automatically freeze the retail system that s been hard coded into the ldus.  i dont have the file myself but my friend does since he is using s6+ ldu before..