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Contribution d'origine par : NV NN ,


^ YES! Kinda jerkish to give us this trick (and of course this is the only place on the web I’ve found that this is posted) like finding the hidden deactivate button … and then not giving us the pw.  RAWWWWWRRRRRRR!

Regardless, if you disable factory reset using the aforementioned passwords, delete the hidden files, go back to main menu and disable content protection then go to settings/apps/special access (under the menu at top right)/ device administrators you can can uncheck the retail mode app and deactivate that way.

I also denied it permission under apps that can change system settings just for good measure.

Get Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) in play store and disable both retail mode apps (samsung and retailmode), Discover S8+ and anything knox related (also just for good measure).


I dunno, but after 24 hours or so it seems to be fairly retail mode free, and I didnt touch Odin.  With the retail mode service gone, i cqn charge past 70%, power saving mode and airplane mode work fine, obviously cell radio/SIM reader isnt even in the phone so i cant make calls, and factory reset is still missing, but why would I wanna go thru all that again anyways?  I just got a $50 S8+ with some minimal tweaks.  I’d say thats pretty rad.