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Contribution d'origine par : tcsaintclare ,


Here’s a quick overview on how to get the button housing out of the case.  I got so mad at the prospect of having to buy an entire new rear shell because of one little broken cable that I resolved to find a way. It’s epoxied in, so take a deep breath, find some inner calm and then arm yourself with a heat gun. Remove all the extra stuff anywhere near the button housing (including that little strip of black folds that runs along the bottom of the screen area, held in by five tiny screws). Point the heat gun at the back of the case, just where the button housing sits. Let it heat up real good, and then take a spudger or small flat screwdriver and try prying at the button housing. Be patient, it took me about ten minutes of heating and poking to get it out. But it is do-able, and when you get it, you will attain a deep and magnificent joy. When putting it back, use hot glue to make life easier for anyone who might have to get it out again.