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Contribution d'origine par : Hiram Rodriguez ,


Sorry guys dunno what happen , I'm new to this. Anyways so I have this 1999 FORD F150 4.6 v8  Triton automatic. Is not a bad truck for only paying $300 for it , ran good and started just fine no issues. At the Tim it needed a windshield and I got her it , did it myself not the beta Job outhere but hey it didn't leak. So anyways about a week ago I did some stuff to it , change oil , filter , check all liquids , change wipers ect. I also got a starter selenoid located on the body like right by the battery. Me and a friend started doing all this stuff to get it to be in good order and start right up ect for the winter cause where I live here in North East Ohio winters can be brutal , so you best make sure things are good to go. Anyways I change and did all that expect that starter selenoid , my friend  change it wile I went to the store quick , when I got back he tells me that wile he was changing the starter selenoid the wires from the battery were still close to it and wile he was taking the starter selenoid the one red wire that comes from the side of battery touch the body and spark , I guess one big spark from it. So anyways no big deal I guess this things can happen you just have to make sure that wires like the positives specially with sparks and juice are secure and safe. Thats like an electrician I you have no clue of what wire is what hey don't touch them , stay away from So when got back I went inside truck and try to start it , now I seen some people say that you should do a comp reset every time you do work on Ford's , not sure much about this FORD’S to be honest I not a FORD guy , but hey this os a Word truco and it wapa doping the job for me so i wapa hippy , gol ir chepa and rain good. I dir the windshield , and has it on top ready for winter. So went to start it and nothing, no crank , no start , no nothing. The lights inside cab going on and off , dash acting all crazy all lights coming on and off , doors also acting crazy locking when key it's in on ignition , I check fuses inside box and don't see any bad , but I did  change a relay cause I keep hearing this tick tick tick tick right from on top of the fuse box inside under dash, so a took them panels off and checked , and that relay was like making this tick tick ticking noise So from their I try the starter , perhaps it's bad ect , so try the old stile hit it a few times gently and sometimes does starts but I this case nothing , haven't check the alternator yet , not sure if it could be that , it seems also to me that it has something to do with the ANTI THEF SYSTEM , but again I'm no expert on this trucks , I'm more of a Honda civic , Toyota's the older the Better for me to , SO MY QUESTION IS : WAHT YOU ALL THINK THIS COULD BE???? AND HOW DO I GO BY SOLVING THIS ISSUE??? This truck was starting fine before this happen and now it's not wanting to do anything , it also has a new battery but by sitting their for a couple weeks now it was low on charge so I got one of them jumpers to give it that extra push and still not hi m yesterday I went and got a battery charger so I can charge the battery completely that way I know it's charge and has e nought juice to start a vehicle, but like I said , it's doing this wear $@$* , with locks , lights inside and dash and also that tick tick tick nice coming from that fuse box right on top of it never hear a tick  tick noise like that on any vehicle so …if you can e of some help and gide me to what I can do I will appreciate it. Again I'm not an expert of a FORD guy , I do like there v8 trucks and m ustangs such as SHELBY , COBRA …AND TURBO DIESEL TRUCKS.. SO PLEASEE PLEASEE HELP. I will hate to let it go to a scrap yard it does has high mile on it  , body is rough , but engine ran good and transmission shifted like it was suppose to, ran strait as an arrowed.. SO HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP AND GOD BLESS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR… mine already started rought… Lmao Nawww things happen …what can you do… ya know ..