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Contribution d'origine par : Hiram Rodriguez ,


Ok so this wire off the starter solenoid is the one that spark ,due to the dang wire on battery not taken off it or been closed to it and he lean against the vehicle and cause a mayor spark against the body of truck , causing something to happen to where now it won't crank or do anything except going crazy , wipers on and off , locks locking /unlocking , lights flickering inside cap , lights on dash and the tick tick tick noise I can hear on the fuse box inside the truck under dash on driver side. I'm not to sure but to me it has something to do with the ANTI THEFT SYSTEM , cause the battery was so low on charge that when I put the jumper to go ahead and try to start it and on top sparks all over anything could had gone wrong and cause an issue to where now it won't let the truck start. So it might be in comp or??? And this is that 1999 FORD F150 4.6 v8 Triton ooh and I'm a real person not a bot… lol Th again and hope someone can help me or give some ideas to take a good at this problem fast.. I need this darn truck and is not doing me any good sitting there…