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Contribution d'origine par : Jack B ,


I just set up model CF091 system and used a Pyrex 16 oz. measuring cup to verify how much liquid is dispensed per selection.  I found the Specialty (4 oz.) And the CAFE FORTE (8 oz.) both dispensed 2 oz. more than they should. I get 6 oz. and 10 oz. respectively,  for each type.

I think the only way to correct this issue is to pour in only the amount of water needed for each selection and not fill the reservoir up to the MAX.

My guess is that the firmware in the original batch of these systems is buggy and that rather than face a massive recall or class action suit, the manufacturer is willing to replace at your expense.

I am keeping my unit and will use a little more coffee per cup to compensate the additional water. I will also report this issue on every website that has a review for this system.