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Contribution d'origine par : WarpStarShop ,


The laser module won't move on the tracks while discs spin - help?


Working on fixing my PS1 (Model SCH1001), need a little guidance.

The console powers on, shows the white Sony screen, and the black PS logo screen, but then kicks me right back to the home menu, and won't read discs.

The discs spin, as I can hear the motor going, and when I open the tray the disc is spinning, but it just asks me to insert a Playstation CD ROM every time. It reads data off of music CDs, but skips rather aggressively.

I took the PlayStation apart, and removed the laser module briefly to look at what was going on to no avail, however I noticed the laser module itself is very hard to move by hand though I assume it should be able to move up and down the track freely by nature of the fact it needs to read the whole CD.

I booted the Playstation up again with the cover switch held down, and could see the disc spinning quickly, but could not hear the laser moving.

How can I get the laser module to move up and down the track again? I’m nearly certain this is the issue.

I've tried flipping it upside down with no luck.