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Contribution d'origine par : guypittard ,


Having successfully replaced the my iMac (Mid-2011 27ich 2.7ghz i5) hard drive with and SSD, after 30 days of use the screen has blacked out. The computer continues to function via external monitor.  Disconnecting the display and reseating the cables fixes the problem temporarily. I’ve cleaned out the inside of the Mac, it is now free from dust. Having done this it worked for another 20 days or so and has blacked out again.

The tech specs indicate that the SSD is compatible with my iMac, however I do push the computer pretty hard using various design programmes.

I’ve tried everything. The fan speed is set at the right temp etc.

Maybe reinstalling the original Hard Drive and installing the SSD in the optical port will make a difference? This is my last port of call. Advice very much welcome!