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Message d'origine par : Mark Cloeren ,


I just finished mine in about 30 minutes. Macbook pro Late 2013 (bought in 2014 so outside the 4 years). I used Lysol Disinfecting wipes (lemon smell, not sure if it makes a difference). Turned off and unplugged. Wiped the whole screen, then started in an area that was most severely stained. Wiped with some pressure but not too hard, in small circles. Every few minutes wiped with a different wipe to remove the residue. Just kept working across the screen, around the edges, etc. Wiped everything down with a last unused wipe, then used a coffee filter to wipe up the excess liquid. Once done, wiped with a microfiber towel to polish. Planning on getting a screen protector and keyboard dust cover from Amazon for protection.