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Contribution d'origine par : ash ,


Can I swap an internal xbox one hardrive into another xbox


i have an xbox one s thats been dropped, it greened screened for 2 hours then went to an error code screen after i turned it on again, it wouldn’t allow me to do a system offline update, it would freeze on applying update, it wouldnt allow me to factory reset the console either.. so i opened my old broken original xbox one console and took the WD 500 gig internal hardrive out of it and put it into my xbox one s. i downloaded the newest system update (offline) put it on a formatted usb and this time it worked, it updated perfectly, with my old xbox one hardrive inside “i only can assume that the old xbox s hardrive is corrupted” how ever a week later it fell on the ground again and started doing the same thing, so i brought a broken xbox one  from a second hand dealer, it starts up and you can sign in but sometimes it overheats and turns off “according to the retailer” but from what i could see, it worked perfectly fine, i opened it up, it’s a samsung segate  1000tb hardrive, i put it into my xbox one s and   i keep getting error codes 100, 101, 106, it won’t allow me to do a offline system update or a factory reset again, then i put it back into the orignal xbox one that i brought and it green screen froze.. i know the hardrive works, its not corrupted, it allows me to do an offline system update on the original xbox one but it freezes on applying at 58% please help, im not sure whats happening


Xbox One