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Hi ggahan, sorry I did not see this post before now. I ordered a new cable and was able to solder it on. I used a small tip on the soldering iron to 450°C (that is the highest my Welder WHS 40D can do). I had to remove the glue on top of the solder points first. Then pulled on the cable (what was left of it connected to the solder points) and loosened one and one point. I then cleaned the points with flux and applied some solder to the holes on the new cable. Then I taped it in place to line up with the solder points. Just a small touch of the soldering iron to each point did the trick. I am frightened to melt something when soldering such small points.

I have repaired many Touch 4gen. and my impression is that this is one fragile piece of electronics. Be very, very careful when you lift the mid plane to avoid ripping the volume/sleep cable and the speaker cable. Remember that the battery is attached with voltage and any metal spudger could shorten the main board so use plastic tools! The connectors seem more fragile than on the iPhones. And the digitizer connector under the main board?? Why, Apple, why?