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Try and shoot a little carb clean in the carburator while cranking it over. If it fires, check the fuel pump. It may be pulling fuel to the carb with vacuum but no pressure from the pump.

Villager6CartGuy says, “Have you checked the RPM limiter? In my experience when they start to go bad or stop working even if there's spark they can mess up the timing. You can try disconnecting the ground of the limiter and see if it starts up. If it does I would replace it or leave it disconnected as long as the governor's properly adjusted.  “

Lockman1 says,  “Club Car/Kawi engines are incredibly finicky about the air/fuel mixture,[br]

it's crucial that the intake tube, air box with air filter, are all connected, and sealed for a proper running FE engine!  “  he also says,  “Do you have your complete intake system hooked up?[br]


Choke to air box (with air filter)... air box to intake tube... intake tube to carburetor?[br]

it just won't run... or run right without everything hooked up!  “

Also try this free YouTube video:  “  “  How to diagnose a crank no start yamaha g22 golf cart

I hope this helps!