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Contribution d'origine par : Charley ,


For a week or two now my iphone 7 stopped working in the ear piece portion of my phone and speakerphone when making/receiving calls. Similar issue to others with same phone type. When it first occurred I was answering a call and clicked speakerphone button which came on and then went off. Clicked it again and it came on then off then flickered on and off several times before it greyed out and would not let me select any longer. Music played fine, bluetooth phone connection fine but if off Bluetooth could not hear anyone even though connected through earpiece or speakerphone and button to select sound source greyed out so no options. Bluetooth however worked. FIX: I just tried the hard reset multiple times back to back like others above and it fixed it. Took me 3x’s this round (I had tried the hard reset initially but not repeatedly) Each time checking to see if I can hear through the earpiece. Easiest way to check is open voicemail and see if it will let you listen through earpiece. Before when it was messed up could only listen to voicemail through speaker. Weird. Working again though!