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Contribution d'origine par : Candace ,


Same thing happened to me.  My phone was fine.. started running a little slow and then it just turned off.  My battery was at 34%. I tried turning it on but nothing happened, the lights at the bottom of the screen didn't light up either. I plugged it in to charge just in case.. still nothing. I googled how to reset the phone. The lights at the bottom of the screen turned on but nothing else. I did everything anyone told me might work. Finally gave up and went into my phone store, i figured i pay for the insurance every month, i might as well get use outta it.

The lady told me it was a manufacturer problem, i needed to call and file a claim, pay the $30 and then pay to have it sent in the mail to their warehouse to be fixed.

That annoyed me like no other… you pay over 200 for the phone everything included and pay insurance.  Then there's a manufacturer problem.. nothing you did… and now YOU have to pay more. Bull.

The lady said Honestly, you should of lied and said it was stolen. They'd send a new one out. Sorry.

Uh… what in the !&&*…?!

Anyways, i didn't send it in. I threw it in the “junk drawer”

3 months later i came across it and figured I'd put it on the charger just to see what would happen..'''BOOM''' it turned back on like nothing happened. So weird.

So I've been using it again for 2 months and here we go again… battery at 26% and it shuts off. It's been sitting on the charger for 2 days with no change.

These stupid phones. Ugh.

So, i mean.. if you have time to spare.. do the reset.. yell.. scream.. throw in a drawer and forget about it.. charge a few months later and ''Taaah-daaaah'' you get your phone back for 2 months.

Ridiculous. Lmao