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Contribution d'origine par : Benon Koebsch ,


Performed PSU Swap - Worked for a while, then POP! Dead iMac?


Hey all,

I performed the PSU replacement tutorial as listed here. I purchased parts from here, followed the tutorial to a tee, everything went perfectly, no probs!

iMac performed as usual for one evening (just browsing and iTunes) then today I was editing a video in Final Cut Pro when about 2 hours into it I hear a very audible “POP” noise, a fuse tripped in my house power box and there was a sketchy electrical smell from the top of the iMac.

Any ideas what to do next?

I’m half thinking to bite the bullet and contact Apple, however I’m reluctant as my initial post when this started happening over on the Apple Discussions Forum has gone unnoticed:


iMac Intel 27" Retina 5k Display