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Contribution d'origine par : lellolallo ,


On my company MacBook Pro 2014, just few months after the purchase I noticed the infamous anti-glare degrading .

Every time I was gently and carefully cleaning the surface, the degraded areas extended.

On april 2019 , after months not cleaning the display, worried about the bad consequences, it was so dirty that I had to clean it. I used  a soft towel with pure water, as Apple recommends.

It instantly became so bad (completely crackled and greenish) that I take the decision to remove the  remaining of the antiglare film.

I used some disposable soft paper towels with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide medical solution  (2 euro here in Italy) + a little bit of toothpaste (very little…) . 15 minutes after a careful cleansing & polishing, I finished using a non aggressive home window glass cleaner, and now the display is glaring as “new” - but , of course, perfectly GLOSSY.

Anyway, much better than the last two years of crackled and stained surface.