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Contribution d'origine par : Benon Koebsch ,


After emailing with iFixit, their excellent customer service advised they would send out a replacement PSU (and adhesive strips). Awesome!!  I was so impressed with iFixit shipping times from USA to Australia on my initial order the other week I made a video about it: [|]

Anyway, the FedEx guy arrived today and oddly the replacement only included the adhesive strips, no PSU. This was obviously a mistake so I’ve sent off an email to work out what happened. I included images of the package and how it arrived here (1 bubblewrap “envelope” with just the adhesives/pizza cutter - labelled as “1 of 1”).

In the meantime, I set about opening my iMac again as I’ve heard it’s extremely difficult to remove newly added adhesives. That was indeed correct and I created a decent crack on the left side of the screen doing so. Totally my mistake. I was kinda !#^&@@ off that the PSU didn’t arrive as it means missing another weekend of live streaming on my YT channel while my iMac is out of commission. I accept I used too much force with the pizza cutter. Lesson learnt.


After taking the faulty PSU out (I made another video: [|]) I noted the blown part was (so I’ve been told) a Thermal Switch?

And so that’s where we are right now. I’m awaiting reply from iFixit to see where the actual replacement PSU wound up and we can go from there.

At least having this image of the blown out part will possibly help someone else?

'''The initial replacement PSU:'''


'''Enlarged to show blow out:'''