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I often just use a simple eyeglass cleaner.

I also deal with all sorts of junk which needs more than a light glass cleaner.

The issues when cleaning a screen is whats on it. Dust or grit which can scratch it, water soluble junk (sticky hands), non-water soluble junk (fingernail polish & tape adhesive), acids and bases which etch the coatings (depending on what they are) or glass (harsh chemicals).

The retina screen coatings are using a Fluoropolymer Silane (3M) from what I’ve been told. If the glass is properly cleaned before it is treated the coating should have ionically bonded to the glass.

Here’s a bit more on [|Fluorine] which is the base element used in the coating held in suspension until the liquid evaporates. The bond becomes as strong as Fluorite (4 on the Mohs hardness scale). Fluorine in its self is not solid by its self its a gas. Hydrochloric acid is about all that can damage it.