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Contribution d'origine par : David B ,


Phone Screen not Working After Water Damage


Hi y’all, here’s the full story: my phone got wet the other day, so I let it sit in a bag of silica gel packets for a while, until I was able to disassemble it. I disassembled it, dried it out, put it together and it worked… for a while, until the screen went weird and inverted the colors. A bit later, the screen went black altogether (completely black, not even a faint glow emitted). Now, I am able to power up the phone, hear the startup noise, etc, but can not see anything on the display. My friend has a phone that’s the same model, which I borrowed from him and moved my logic board into - and it worked fine, so there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the motherboard (this was just a borrow, I can’t take parts from his phone :P  ). Is it possible that water seeped in between the various layers of the screen and caused this? Also, I did not see any corrosion on the FPC connector between the logic board and the screen. Any help/advice is much appreciated!


Android Phone