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Contribution d'origine par : brian ,


'''Re: Battery  Recall + MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) Not turning on + Green Light lit'''

After wondering why my Macbook had been hot to the touch near the power jack and on left side, I was psyched to see the June recall.  By coincidence my Macbook has since stopped turning on at all.  Green light lit. It charges and loses its charge but will not turn on.  All resets attempted. So I bring it to Grand Central Mac  Store, guy tells me it qualifies at no cost to me — “great!” —  and as I’m walking into the street, get a phone call: “hey, your computer’s not turning on”  — me: “yea, i know” — him: “you need to come back” —-oh wtf  — I could  back and he now wants to charge a minimum of $600+ just to look at it.  That’s what happens when you bring a dead Macbook in for the recall.