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Contribution d'origine par : rdklinc ,


Hi!  That is a very strange problem!  I've never run into that one before.

Beeps usually have to do with memory problems, either bad memory or the wrong memory, so I'd remove the extended memory and reset the PMU and PRAM, in case that has anything to do with it.  iBooks often have the issue of bad memory on the logic board, which there isn't a good solution for, so hopefully it isn't that.

I would also try another AC adapter, just to rule out that your AC adapter is malfunctioning.  I would also try plugging the AC adapter into another power connector, preferably on the other side of the house.

I have never heard of an DC-in causing a beeping sound, but from what you've described, I wouldn't yet assume the board is bad.  Again, I'd try removing the extended memory and doing the resets, and then try another AC adapter.  And then it may be worth trying another DC-in: