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Message d'origine par : Jose Ramos ,


Why is my MacBook Air stuck on all caps after top case replacement?


So first of all, I spilled juice on my MacBook Air (A1466) 2 months ago. I cleaned up the motherboard after about a month  of not using it, and it started booting up. I could log in as guest, but I couldn't log into my main account because everything was in all caps, I couldn't get any numbers or lowercase letters.

I then replaced the top case, but kept the track pad from my water damaged one, because it still worked. However, after the top case replacement, it is still stuck on all caps. The caps lock button itself seems to function normally, but it has no effect on what's being typed. I tried using the keyboard viewer, but even that types in all caps, even if caps lock is not on and the shift button isn't pressed. Is there anything I can do to fix this and be able to log into my MacBook?


MacBook Air 13" Early 2015