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Contribution d'origine par : Navy Vet 2015 ,


I didn't even know a 1000tb drive existed! Anyway, one nice thing about the xb1 console is that the hdd isn't locked or married the the motherboard anymore which means you can swap drives in and out as you please but they must be formatted in NTFS. If your xb1s hdd works then you can clone it using parted magic or another patrition program. Parted magic was the only one I could get to clone my 500gb to 2tb and it's pretty straight forward. What you'll need to do first is format that big ass drive of yours in ntfs, connect both drives to your pc and within parted magic clone the drive. You'll have to make some minor tweaks to the unformatted space to access it otherwise you'll have a lot of unaccessable disk space. I was very much a noob when I figured it all out so even those with limited experience can accomplish this. Just remember to clone the right drives otherwise it'll wipe all your saved data!!!