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Contribution d'origine par : CToss ,


I may have found the solution.  It seems to be a power issue.  Make sure your computer is plugged into an outlet and have oculus tray tool set to high performance power and usb selective suspend is enabled.   Those last two things may not even be necessary, but it is exactly what I had set up and it worked once I plugged into a power outlet.

I was trying and trying to set up my sensors today with no luck(I’m on a laptop).  As soon as I plugged in, the sensor setup video was running smooth in the bottom corner.  It was a breeze after that; first try it worked.  I didn’t realize how laggy and jittery it was when I was trying before without direct power.  It should be looking smooth on your computer, including the “squeeze the trigger” circle meter.  If it’s not you’re going to have troubles.

I’d double check all the usual stuff too: sensor placement, controller batteries, and weird lighting/reflectors, usb configuration/drivers.  But, I’m betting it’s your power.  It must be keeping the sensors active during the process.  Hope that helps fix this annoying problem for everyone.