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Contribution d'origine par : Lucas ,


Hi Gary,

this issue’s having a lot of potentially fixing methods.

'''Older power management driver'''

* Install an older Driver for Intel Management Engine Interface
* Firtst try V10 then V9 (if V10 didnt work)

'''Hardware collision'''

* Something may block shut down - Especially HDD, if there is with cooperate with SSD. (only if your system is located on the SSD) - Reformat the HDD or use the different partition.

'''BIOS bug'''

* Re-Flash your BIOS
* Wipe CMOS - Unplug your MB from the power supply, remove the CMOS battery and then plug the battery back

'''Motherboard fault'''

* Your motherboard may be defective, in this case, if it’s still under the warranty, send your MB back to the supplier and want a new one. If it’s not under the warranty, it’s time to start thinking about a new.