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Contribution d'origine par : aggiesems.tumblr ,


Hello I wanted to add an additional answer here as after two months and 3 packs of film I have finally solved my problem as to why every few pictures turns out fine but not always.

When I retract my lense into my camera (power down) the next shot out, the shutter doesn't open - ever.

To figure this out I opened my film hatch and took a few pictures without film to watch the shutter, experimenting with things like “blocking the flash with my hand” or “closing and opening the lense” and sure as sugar, the first shot after closing the lense would never trigger opening the shutter.

So now to power down my camera, I take the batteries out, and to make sure that my lense doesn't retract and cause the issue again, I wrapped several rubber bands around the lense, and use a protective cover on the end.

Good luck everyone and happy shooting!!