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Contribution d'origine par : Jugher ,


Hi, maybe you can troubleshoot the computer to fix the [|external hard drive not recognized] issue, here are the steps, hope it can help you: [br]

1. Type “troubleshoot” and search and open it. [br]

2. Click on the option “Hardware and Devices”. This option will find and fix problems with devices or hardware. It can solve the problem when an external hard drive cannot be detected, recognized or showing up when used in Windows 10. [br]

3.  After you click “Hardware and Devices”, click the “Run the troubleshooter”.


4.After the scanning, the system will list all of the fixes for you. You can click apply this fix.

5.Click next to restart your pc. Restart your PC so you can finish installing the driver software and other updates related to the hard drive and other devices.

Hope you can fix the issue soon.