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Contribution d'origine par : Christian ,


I went in the pool with my phone in my pocket. Should I be worried?


Yesterday I accidentally walked into a pool about 1.5m deep with my phone in my pocket. It took me about 2 minutes to even realised what I had done. When I took it out I immediately turned off the device, rinsed it in fresh water, then dried it with a cloth. I used a hair dryer on the lowest speed from a distance to get warm air to flow around it so it could dry off. Then I left it in the sun to dry for about an hour. I left it in front of a fan last night with the port facing it so the speakers and port would get air to dry out.

This morning I turned on the device and everything was working perfectly including camera, speaker, microphone, faceid and display. Even though I know the phone is IP68 and I’m probably worrying for no reason is there anything I should do or should I stop worrying and use my phone as normal. I check the LCI in the SIM slot and it was still white meaning no water at least got into the sim slot.

Thanks for you help.


iPhone XS