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Contribution d'origine par : Roc Chow ,


I recently brought one Surface Book 2. Got home only seeing 2 batteries both on 0 percent. At first it says not charging but later after some software update, not charging is gone but still had no way to charge it up. With it turned off and plugged in the whole night and both showing 0.

Looked around but not seeing any solution worked for me, i.e. 2 button reset , installed firmware update.

What works for me is that I looked up a way to manually detected the keyboard. (it is not that hard as someone mentioned will damage it as long as you follow a good guide on YouTube. This is what helped me.

After detected the screen, I applied charger at the bottom of the tablet part and viola!!!! it is charging.

So my assumption is that the unit has been sit on the shelf for such a long time and the battery got completely drained. Using the normal way, charging through the dock/keyboard, is not working AT ALL.

I hope that helps!!!