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Contribution d'origine par : DDD ,


I have a Samsung S5. It used to be easy and fast to transfer my photos and files from it to the PC. Connect the USB cable (seemed both the 2 and 3.0 cables worked just fine.), swipe down to get the USB Charging tile and then click photo transfer.

Then just navigate to the folder I wanted (Card, DCIM, Camera to get to photos). Then transfer away.

Now, opening that last folder (where the pics are), the phone will just give a spinning wheel.  After a very long time, it will show the pics (over an hour!) Then, cutting, copying, or moving takes a very long time! Last night it took over 12 hours to move about 50 normal photos to my PC.

I've ruled out that it isn't the cable,  nor the PC. I tried the enabling developer tools above. No change.

If I go into the phone (instead of the SD card), it seems to all function normally.

What else should I do / try?

(Can I pull the card out and use an external reader without messing up the card / apps for future use in the phone?)