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Contribution d'origine par : Tyler DeWein ,


This would not work right away at all. Very frustrating. The doorbell installed fine. No go on the Chime Pro. For me I am using a mesh system that combines 2.4 and 5ghz channels automatically (Netgear Deco).

I read this thread: [post|539697]

and then this article:

I added an old cheap 2.4 ghz router I have to my mesh router’s LAN output and bingo. It connected immediately to the dedicated 2.4 ghz channel. It then set up and installed its firmware update. After that update it connects to my mesh system just fine. I hope this helps.

I had called ring support and they did not think to tell me this about the dedicated 2.4 ghz channel. The Deco app does not allow you to separate the channels. Some mesh systems might… I hope this helps someone else wiht this problem!