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Contribution d'origine par : Koral Shaffer ,


I’m having the same issue! My phone had told me that my storage was full a couple times today and wouldn’t let me take pictures. I was at my best friend’s bridal shower and I was in charge of taking pictures. I went into my camera roll, deleted a ton of photos, emptied my Recently Deleted section, and then I was fine to take pictures. When I got home, I went through and deleted more old pictures, that weren’t of value to me, and emptied my Recently Deleted again. (So that I wouldn’t have the issue of my phone storage being full again in the near future.) Afterwards, I opened Snapchat to check it before bed and the app shut down. This happened 3x and then I finally just shut my phone off because I thought it may need a ‘break’. When I turned it back on, I was stuck in a boot loop for hours. (I had hoped that plugging it in might help, because I wondered if the battery had been low before I was able to get my hands on my bf’s work phone to try to research how to troubleshoot the issue.) It just continued to boot loop. I watched a YouTube video that suggested a hard reset. (A quick Volume Up, Volume Down, then holding the side button until the Apple logo disappears because the phone shuts down, then reappears and you let go of the side button.) The boot loop continued. I have now just shut my phone off by doing Volume Up, Volume Down, and holding the side button until the Apple logo blinks and letting go when the phone has shut down, before the logo reappears in an attempt to reboot. My phone didn’t back up to iCloud yet, after the shower this evening, so I can’t just restore anything from my last update because it would mean that I’ve lost ALL of the pictures of her bridal shower that I can never get back.