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Contribution d'origine par : Erik Eriksson ,


CPU sometimes runs at 90+ degrees C, what should I do?


Hello! :D

=== Background / Information ===

My laptop sometimes gets really hot, the CPU goes up to over 90 degrees Celsius (not seen it over 100, yet). Same happens to the GPU, but only when doing things like rendering images of 3D-models.

The CPU gets to those temperatures after playing games like Minecraft for an hour or so, which feels weird since it is a gaming laptop and should be able to handle Minecraft on middle settings. The CPU usually is about 25-60% when getting to these temperatures.

When doing things like watching Youtube or similar, the CPU is running at about 50 degrees C and the GPU at about 40.

I know that the GPU fan is a bit faulty, it’s now running at about 1000 RPM when maxed while it from the beginning was at 6000 RPM. The CPU fan is still running at 6000 RPM.

So I get why the GPU gets hot when doing things like rendering, so I usually lock it to only be able to use half of the GPU power, it’s still at about 80-90 degrees but staying stable.

The temperature and fan speed data are taken from the MSI Dragon Center menu.

=== What I have tried ===

I have tried opening the computer and blowing away all possible dust I can find, I can’t get to the heat sink or fans because then I have to remove the fan assembly from the heat sinks. I didn’t have thermal paste when doing this, so I didn’t touch it.

=== What I need help with ===

Now when it’s getting to summer here in Sweden and it feels like it’s hotter outside than ever before, so the problem has been getting worse.

So I would really like some help and tips on what I should do, to at least make the temperatures better.

1: Do you have any tips on what I should do?

2: Is that idle temperature normal?

3: Is it bad or more, how bad is it for the CPU running at those temperatures?


MSI GE72 6QD Apache Pro