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Contribution d'origine par : Vince ,


After reading this post - I decided to add two 24volt DC fans.

My goal was to do limited alterations to device, so I may return this after the mowing season for repair.  Its brand new and overheated within one hour of use!  The unit has a ton of power comparable to my gas Husqvarna.

Here are some pics of my solution.



I cant really give you a detailed parts list as I used items I had in my shop.

* Grey plastic tray out of a “Husky” tool box from Home Depot
* Micro Rocker (SPST) switch
* [|24 Volt Fans]  (used 24volt vs. 12 so they could handle the 18 volts w/out adding resistors)
* Misc screws
* Wire ties
* Foam rubber  door gasket material (placed on inside edge of plastic container to make more airtight)

I   soldered the wires to the (- +) tabs (internally) that come in contact with the 18 volt battery. Then ran the wires out of a vent slot.   Used two wire ties to go through vents to secure to the tool with out need to screw into tool.   Tool has  not  overheated since .   An alternative to using the rocker switch is to add a Micro Limit Switch Long Hinge inside to start fan when the safety lever is depressed on Ryobi (there is room for a small switch)

BTW I see they have discontinued the unit [|Homedepot String trimmer]

Good luck!