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Contribution d'origine par : Jose ,


Screen Unresponsive, Ghost Touch


My daughter's iPhone XR started developing some weird symptoms where without input, it opens up apps, scrolls between screens, etc... After some googling, found that this is referred to as ghost touch or something. Couldn't find what the fix is to this problem though.[br]


I tried resetting the iPhone to factory settings, even tried doing a reset/restore in DFU mode, to no avail. I wanna say this is maybe a hardware issue with the display (digitizer/glass) more so than a software issue. She had a case on it from day 1 but did drop it a few times, and even had a small crack on the screen towards one corner, not too bad though.[br]


This being the case, I'm willing to replace the display myself, but before I shell out $100 on a new one, I wanted to see if anybody else experienced this issue and if so, did replacing the display fix the problem?[br]


iPhone XR