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Contribution d'origine par : Jen Scott ,


I’m devastated. My XS Max was sending warning errors about being full. I tried taking things off of it and could not do it. Then one day the apps weren’t working well so I restarted the phone and it wouldn’t start up again - got stuck in boot mode. After hours on the phone w Apple support we tried to download the new software and I keep getting error (47) which sounds identical to what others are getting with error (14). I am told that the iOS 13 has errors where a full phone becomes corrupt. I have all of my photos and videos of my newborn’s birth and young son, our family trip to Spain. I am so upset that Apple would let this problem occur. In the past when my phone was full I could take things off of it and now I’m told unsympathetically by Apple that I should know the phone can’t become that full. I do not have a back up because my plan was to take things off of the phone. Apple, PLEASE send through a fix in your iOS which allows this problem to be fixed. For phones to get out of recovery mode and to let the corruption problem be fixed. This is exactly one of the reasons why people switch to Androids. This is very upsetting and Apple I beg you to send a fix in your new iOS updates.