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Contribution d'origine par : Erik Eriksson ,


'''Hello! :D'''

=== Double-Check ===

Just in case, start with double checking so you are trying to do it in the right place because I know there are phones that have holes that look just like the one for the SIM-card ejector but they are something else like a speaker.

=== Solution ===

When you have verified that, try to find a metal paper clip that is about the same dimension as the ejecting tool.

Now unfold the paper clip, then try to press it right over where the broken ejecting tool is so that you can open up the SIM-tray. ''(From what I have read, this may require some force)''

When the tray is out, it should be much easier to get the broken tool out by grabbing it on the inside of the SIM-card cover and press it out from the phone.

If it still is too far in to be able to get it, please send a picture of how it looks.

This guide may also help you to find where the correct hole is and how you should do it. [guide|130959]

'''Good luck! :D'''