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Contribution d'origine par : Syed Adnan ,


MSI PL62 7RC Display not working


My MSI laptop’s screen stopped working this April. Sometimes there were horizontal lines on the screen, which would go away when I rotated the screen in along the hinge A few times. As time passed the screen would go completely black and would recover when the screen was in certain angle. This always happened when I used to play games and the screen would go black, the screen worked fine when doing other tasks. One fine day the screen stopped working completely. It wouldn’t turn on when I would turn on my laptop. I’ve been using an external monitor all these days. The laptop runs fine, I can even play games. I’ve given to two separate technicians (one is from the retailer, and the other from my dad’s office) at two different times. Both say different issues with the laptop. One says it is the connector problem, the other says it’s gpu problem. Is there a way of knowing what exactly the problem is with my laptop ? I can fix it my self but I don’t have a spare laptop display panel to check whether it is the display panel or wire problem.


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