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Contribution d'origine par : Alejandro Loera Díaz de León ,


Hello everyone.


It´s solved!!!!!!!! and many other little problems!!!!!!


After a lot of time I have solved my touchscreen and hotkeys problems, it was about Win10 version, drivers and BIOS config.


1rst. UDATE to win10 last version


2nd. Go to LENOVOS driver checksum webpage tool.

3rd. Check that the Hotkey is enable in the BIOS config, use the VANTAGE button to get the BIOS configuration.


4th. If the video card is not working properly go to and run the executable file.


5th. finally you can go to DIVECE ADMINISTRATOR and uncheck the power saver in the HID I2C properties window.


People, it will take some time, but your Lenovo will work as you ever wanted or know it


SMILE, all the best