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Contribution d'origine par : oldturkey03 ,


Gertrude, the water must drain for the spin to work. So in your case the problem seems to start with the water not draining. When you move your selector switch by hand, you should hear a click when it gets to the spin cycle. If you can not hear it, it is possible that it is your selector switch that is faulty. Also, check your lid switch and make sure it is working properly. If you have a multimeter, you can check it for continuity. You can also quick check the lid switch, if your washer stops when you open the lid, or continues to work if you open the lid and depress the switch with a screwdriver. the other thing to do is check your check your pump/drain hoses. Look for a kinked hose or some sort of obstruction in the hose. Remember, the missing sock? It may be stuck in there.:-) It is also possible that you have a bad, pump. If you can give us a model number, I can check for a manual for further assistance if needed. I believe the Kenmore washers are actually build by Whirlpool. There are some decent drawings and diagrams [;jsessionid=pBtAjw3mfafJS+zH13Fx8g|on this website.] I hope this helps and gets you going in the right direction. Good Luck.