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Contribution d'origine par : Guru Jad ,


Apple is the smartest company on Earth. It convinces its customers to buy their products even though every buyer knows that their items are crappy. We know they do no refunds, they suck our money, you need a hellish knowledge in technology to use their items, everything around them and their applications takes a lifetime to download or fix or update…. and the cream of the top: They boldly tell you that your bought-item (that you have saved a salary or two to get it) is going Obsolete!! Add to this, they launch BUGS with each new product to ruin the previous versions (whether it is a mobile or laptop)… and of course, everyone will find his product filled with glitches and errors and ……. until you are fed up and go buy the newest one. [br]


Well, Apple, not all of us are retailers and businessmen…  but surely we are all fools.