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Contribution d'origine par : Brent Norris ,


Standby light flashes slowly and no picture


Toshiba TF-50A810U19 Started off showing colored lines horizontally across the screen. The T-con board was changed, which did not fix the issue. I was then given the tv. I turned the tv on to see what was going on with it. The picture did show up but the lines started to show up and picture faded off to black, no lines or anything. I could tell the back lights were still on. I pulled the back off and checked all the connections, turned the tv on and tv just showed black screen. I changed the main board, and still nothing. Now with the new boards in the blue stand by light will flash slowly, for about 1-2 minutes then stops. If I press the input button on the tv the blinking may stop or sometimes keep blinking.

Anyone have any ideas on this issue?


Toshiba Television