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Contribution d'origine par : Jai G. ,


If you have trouble charging your s60 lite/s60 or it ceases to charge via micro USB cord, you must replace the usb board (firstly you have to open the phone, precision soldering is required, several different precision screwdrivers, or one with different bits including tiny torx bits, and a very good pair of needle nose pliers) I did the repair on my own after watching the one youtube video I found, and I changed the battery as well but the new charging board only lasted about 6 months. Otherwise, depending on where you get a board its about $16US without shipping costs. Also, if you're going to keep the phone for a while, I suggest getting a spare because the usb board replacements tend to expire rather quickly. I've not had any luck charging wirelessly to date. Good thing this isn't my only phone because every 6 months or so this seems to happen. Doogee customer service is trash in my opinion as well as the phone and I consider it to be a high cost paper weight being that it fails so frequently after new parts are installed, I definitely wasted my money trying to find a rugged phone to keep up with the aviation  industry and that's to say the least.