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Contribution d'origine par : Jacob ,


2015 MacBook air fan runs, high cpu usage at idle, not overheating.


Ive already

Reset SMC

Reset NVRAM and PRAM

Ran Hardware/ mac diagnostic tool on boot up.

The  computer is running slow right at boot up. I have not recently  installed anything or changed anything. Issue started after it ran out  of battery last night. Activity monitor shows that it takes 22 to 70% of  cpu when open. Running at ~80% idle cpu usage. GPU usage is minimal.  Issue persists in safe mode, which I had a spike of 93% cpu usage with  nothing running. Even with high CPU load, the mac is not heating up like  it normally does.

The mac community pages have been very unhelpful. I factory reset it no more than 2 months ago, and would like to avoid doing that again if at all possible.


MacBook Air 11" Early 2015