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Contribution d'origine par : Keshav Vikash ,


Having Wi-Fi issues on your PlayStation 4 is extremely frustrating. This problem reoccurs to many PS4 users almost after every system update. Some easy or quick step to Fix [|Ps4 keeps disconnecting from WiFi].

'''1. Restart Your Console and Router.'''

'''For Router :-'''

*    simply unplug the power cord, wait a few moments, and plug it back in again.

* Once Router is back

'''For PS4 :-'''

*  Press and hold the PS button on the controller to open the Quick Menu.

* On that menu, open the Power section and select Restart PS4.


* Please don't choose 'Enter Rest Mode' because this is a low-power state that doesn't fully shut down the system.

'''2. Change DNS settings'''

* On your PS4 menu, scroll right to Settings.
* Go to Network.
* Go to Set Up Internet Connection.
* Go to Use Wi-Fi.


* Go to Custom.
* Select the Wi-Fi network you want to use.
* Select Do Not Specify.
* Select the DNS settings as Manual.
* Set the Primary DNS as and the Secondary DNS as