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Sorry for the late post, but I have a quick fix. You just need a dremel like tool and some scissors.

There are 4 connectors on the adapter but only 2 are required. I just cut it in half to get rid of that.



After you’re left with 2 connectors, use a dremil on the open side where the connectors are. Just make a small enough incision to give breathing room for second connector (black wire in my case).

After that the connectors should be a tight squeeze but just push it on the bottom row of pins(right 2 pin, not the left) on the HDD.  My fans have been running at a quiet speed for the last hour.


See the attached photos and feel free to ask any questions. Instructions are a bit confusing but photos should help show what I did.

Side note: Grey wire should be on the top once the drive is installed.