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Contribution d'origine par : Rasmus Lorenzen ,


Why doesn't my laptop charge, when it is turned on?


When I plug the charger to the laptop, it doesn’t charge, while it is turned on.

Though it does charge when, the laptop is turned off (I know this from the LED indicator  on the computer).

I thought the problem might have been from the charger cable because there  was a little  plastic piece that had snaped off. This might have caused  a bridging between plus and minus.


I then changed the cable on the charger by soldering on a new one. This didn’t help.

I borrowed a multimeter from a friend to check if the port in the laptop was getting the right voltage, which it does.

It might be important to ad that before I changed the cable on the charger. I was sometimes able to charge it while turned on, if I moved the  cable a bit. Though this was quite a while ago, because I haven’t the laptop for a long time.

Is there anything else I can do to maybe fix it?


Lenovo Y50-70