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Hi! '''++Sohaieb++'''

I have read all the troubleshooting  you have done but I not read that you clear the CMOS with the jumper.

1) Look for the jumper at the bottom of the mobo it should say a very tiny '''CLR CMOS''' or something similar.

2) Change the jumper to the clear position by moving the jumper to the other side of the 3 pins.

3) Remove the '''CMOS''' battery, the '''RAM''' memories and '''Disconnect the power''', wait 1 min. and

put everything back again.

4) Turn on the PC. I hope this work for you PC. If not your motherboead it may have been

damaged and you need to replace it with another

'''''(Remenber always use a brush for clean the interior of PC the liquid and computer not mix'''''

'''''and watch out for compressed air cans they can cause equal damage to PCs''''' '''''if misused)'''''